We know, from first-hand experience, just how hard onboarding can be. So, we decided to create an onboarding process that’s faster, easier, totally transparent, and hassle-free.

Because onboarding shouldn’t get in the way of taking care of your borrowers.


Here's a snapshot of our easy, 7-Step Process

Step 1

You’ll provide us with an intake form with the portfolio summary, and we’ll provide an itemized fee sheet

Step 2

You’ll review our contract and redline as applicible

Step 3

We work with you to establish a transfer date

Step 4

We’ll work with your current servicer to obtain images and data

Step 5

You’ll submit transfer for agency approval

Step 6

Agency approval is received

Step 7

PLS artifacts are sent to you for approval, including: Borrower portal, Statements, Servicing Transfer Letter

That's all there is to it. Then you 're ready to go!

It’s time to discover SIME.

  • Real-time access: view payment histories, delinquencies, or identify trends to proactively manage borrowers and stop delinquencies before they happen
  • Instantly view, listen to and download entire call history calls on demand
  • Customizable dashboard with Loan View allows real-time reporting, dashboards and drill-down details on demand
  • Highly-trained customer service team dedicated to your portfolio

As you can see, there’s subservicing. And there’s SIMEfunkified subservicing.

Now that you’ve seen how SIME stacks up against the others, are you ready to get SIMEfunkified with a live demo from our highly trained service team? Just complete the form and we’ll get the process started today.